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Reduce your energy costs
automatically and effortlessly

Automate control of lights, thermostats, energy storage, and EV chargers
to minimize energy costs based on your particular utility rate structure

Monitor and Learn

Automated measurement, analysis, and modeling provide insights into critical facility operations

Predict and Control

Weather forecasts, customer models, and utility prices are used to predict and establish the optimal demand reduction targets in real time

Evaluate and Communicate

Emails, Alerts, PDF Reports, and Dashboards help communicate savings to all stakeholders.

WattShaver works your specific utility rate structure and the uniqueness of your buildings to minimize energy costs across your portfolio

Automate the reduction of electrical consumption at key moments in time throughout the day, all year long, to minimize operating costs

Turn off or dim discretionary lighting and other loads when energy is most expensive

Avoid setting a demand peak on a single hot afternoon that you would otherwise pay for throughout the following 12 months

WattShaver uses machine learning, trained on your specific energy use and rate structure, to establish achievable reduction goals that maximize savings with minimal impact to occupants

WattShaver helps communicate accomplishments towards reduction goals to occupants and stakeholders across the organization

WattShaver takes advantage of energy storage strategies to move electrical use before or after peak times when energy is most expensive

Automatically start local generation when possible to avoid real-time pricing peaks from the electricity grid

WattShaver enables Smart Charging of electric vehicles (Level 1 and Level 2 chargers)

Let’s work together on your
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